BATON ROUGE - The Southern University marching band hit the road Monday morning with Las Vegas as their destination.


The Human Jukebox will be performing alongside gospel singer Kirk Franklin at the Soulful Celebration on Wednesday, Feb. 7. The event, hosted by Cedric the Entertainer and Tichina Arnold, will be pre-recorded and televised Saturday. 


"I think it's a good collaboration between the world-renowned Human Jukebox and gospel recording artist Kirk Franklin," band director Kedric Taylor said.

While the band is highly accomplished and no stranger to big crowds, Taylor said they chose to turn down a performance at the Superbowl because of a prior commitment.


"We have a big parade on Sunday, which is Bacchus, during the time of the Superbowl so it's going to be exciting." 


Despite the missed opportunity, the trip to Vegas and upcoming performance is still a golden opportunity. Taylor did not downplay his students' success.

"These students have done a lot. They've done a lot throughout this year. I don't think they get the recognition they deserve, so to have an opportunity to go to an event like this, it's life-changing," Taylor said.